Glass Bottle Rinser/Filler

Malt MillProdeb Microbrewery Technology Belgium is structured within the flagship company Shivsu Candadian Clear, who have acquired the well renowned Rita Bottling company; the name SHIVSU RITA is well established in the brewery, distillery, soft drinks and food industries. We have been in the business of marketing, commissioning, and servicing bottling plants for over 30 years in India. Today, Shivsu Rita bottling Machines, manufacture the entire range of bottling equipment with active collaboration of NAGEMA – GDR; world leaders in bottling equipment.

The complete glass bottle filling line may include includes glass bottle washing; if this is done in-house, or as an independent operation, and at the end of the line, conveyer systems robotic packing in cases, labeling and strapping. All of these products are manufactured by us.

Our bottling line products include the following:

  • Bottle washers
  • Rinsing, filling and capping
  • Labeling: cap, neck, bottle front and back
  • De-labeling