Microbrewery Equipments

For Microbrewery plant being set up in India, the Indian state excise regulations differ slightly from state to state. These regulations govern aspects of the excise duty payable and the sale of beer; either within the premises of the restaurant, or distributed in kegs following the prescribed methods. Microbrewery configurations maybe customized depending on the Indian state where it may be installed.

Generally, a microbrewery system will consist of the following:

  • A Brewhouse( Consisting of a Mash tank, Lauter Tun, Kettle, whirlpool and a hot liquor tank all mounted alongside a working platform)
  • A set of Fermentation tanks
  • A set of Maturation Tanks
  • Dispensing and delivery systems
  • Control systems which controls the refrigeration system, electrical, and other sub systems; common to all the above.

A brewhouse, in which wort production takes place, may consists of 2,3,4 or even 5 independent vessels, sometimes combined and dually mounted which provide the process environment for each of the processes of wort production. Depending on the uniqueness of each brewery, a suitable configuration for a brewhouse can be designed. Heating is provided using steam or electrical heating.

Typically, a standard brewhouse will consists of two units consisting of 3 or 4 vessels combined together, a set of fermentation tanks and Bright Beer Tanks(BBTs). The size of the brewhouse and the fermentation and BBTs may vary. The number of tanks will depend on the installed production capacity for the restaurant brewery or a combination restaurant cum kegging service.